Kids never listen to their parents, but they imitate grown-ups

Growing up in a loving parents’ environment is a major factor in the process of raising a healthy child.

There are a couple of conditions for healthy child-raising.

  • When parents love each other. The child will grow up happy in this environment.
  • Parents must love their child without causes. The child will feel comfortable in this family; he or she will be proud to live with mom or dad and start consciously (or not) copying parents.
Imitating grown-up

You must avoid the basic mistakes of parenting. They are listed below.

  • A narcissistic egomaniac comes from a child who is unduly loved and idolized. Such a child will start to demand special attention as a grown-up. Parents raise a child who is prone to hysterics if they please all his or her wishes. The child becomes dependent outside the family. He or she will not be able to cope with life’s difficulties as an adult.
  • A harsh attitude towards a child creates incertitude, shyness, fear, aggression. Such upbringing will lead you to a child, when he will be an adult, becoming either reckless or excessively restrained in the sphere of love and friendship.
  • Indifferent and apathetic parents who do not give the child enough love risk making their child feel bad and unnecessary. He or she will develop arousal, instability, and antisocial behavior.

Family and child

The influence of the family is not limited to the period of childhood. Emotional ties with the family remain even when the matured child leaves the family physically. An adult boy or girl will repeat some of the parents’ habits and will do the things they did. Parenting is above all the things fathers and mothers do, not the words they once said.

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