How to make summer heat lighter for a child

The summer heat can be stressful for a young mother and her baby. The excess of sunshine threatens the child not only with an unpleasant rash on the skin. It can cause a child to feel ill, overheat, or even heat stroke! Try to protect your child from exposure to heat.

How to protect a child from the summer heat in the room?

Don’t leave your apartment with your baby during lunchtime when it’s the hottest outside. It is worth following the example of Italians or Spaniards and finding time for a siesta. You should close the windows and leave them closed until the evening. This will keep the air warm. There are no jalousies on the windows in Russian apartments, as the Italians do. Nevertheless, you can buy jalousies, shutters, or ordinary curtains. This will keep the air hot.

We advise you to ventilate the apartment. As soon as the outside temperature falls a bit, you should let in some fresh air. Windows should be open all night. You have to remember: you don’t have to cook food in the oven much in the summer. You have to do it early in the morning when it’s not so hot outside. The lamps and the iron are your enemies at this time too.

Avoid stress because it’s easy to lose strength in the heat. Play with the baby on the carpet instead of cooking. Serve him a canned soup, a prepared porridge, and dessert for dinner. Ready meals for children can be as useful as those cooked at home in the oven. In summer, your favorite place in the apartment should be the coolest room.

Kids eating ice cream

How to save a child from the summer heat outside?

When you take your child for a walk, you have to walk on the shady side of the street, under the trees, or in the park. If you’re driving a baby in a wheelchair, you have to pick up an umbrella to protect the baby from the sun. A child’s tan is very harmful.

Take your child to the air-conditioned shopping mall, which will relieve you of the extreme heat. Take your kid to the cinema and store. You can’t leave a kid alone in a car, even in the company of a dog or cat. The car is heated very quickly, and a child’s life-threatening heat shock can easily occur

The hat is your best friend during the heat. Wear this useful stuff by yourself and put it on your child. It will protect him or her from the sun. Older children can wear sunglasses with a UV filter because the sun can also damage their eyes.

Use special cosmetics to protect yourself from the sun. Apply them to the skin of a child who is six months old or older. Such a cream must contain a mineral filter. Always monitor your child’s well-being. If he is cranky, it could mean he’s got sunstroke.

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