Tempered of the child organism

Tempered of organism is regular procedures to achieve increased resistance of the human organism to the harmful effects of the external environment. Tempered for children enables them to cope with sudden changes in air temperature, strong winds, and diseases with ease.

Tempered of organism carried out by means of various methods. The most popular procedures are water and wind. Remember that water works better on an organism than air.

People who don’t practice tempering often get sick because their nasopharynx and veins are very weak. The human body is programmed in such a way that no virus will enter it, initially. To have such an organism, you have you should hold tempering of organism. You won’t be afraid of the flu or the cold.

Tempered of the child organism

It’s through the nose and the throat that the viruses that are all around us enter our bodies. A virus is a parasite that lives and breeds in our body cells. Our bodies reject the cells that die in the course of the virus. However, the infection never goes away.

If a child’s body is strong enough to be cold, the reaction of such a small person to the environment becomes smaller. Blood vessels of humans with tempered bodies shrink and widen sharply during long periods of cold air exposure. You can achieve such a reaction within a few months. Perform tempering procedures regularly to achieve maximum efficiency.

The basic rule of organism tempering is a gradual increase of the intensity of procedures. If you shower your child with the same temperature for a few weeks, you will wait for effect for a very long time.

Set the first load for your baby properly. If it’s too weak, you won’t get the effect. If it’s too strong, your baby might get sick, and his immunity would be disturbed.

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