PocketMQO: Creating 3D Models of Children on a Smartphone

The PocketMQO utility was developed specifically for working with three-dimensional graphics. It can recognize the following 3D models: VMD, PMD, PMX, and MQO. With this simple and convenient app, one can download sound samples, ready-made animation sets for 3D models, etc.


Thanks to the PocketMQO program, you can easily open any 3D model with concomitant sound or ready-made animation sets. The utility is fully compatible with MMD files and other entertainment content. Users can change the proportions of 3D objects as well as adjust shadows and lighting systems.

The PocketMQO GUI adjusts to the size and proportions of the display. And it is fortunate that now, one can download free Android applications with such impressive functionality without any difficulties.

Among the features of PocketMQO are adding new textures and adjusting a color scheme. The abundance of functions for configuring 3D graphics provides a large field for experiments, allowing one to create completely new objects on tablets and Android smartphones. Given the fact that PocketMQO requires very few system resources, all this makes the program an indispensable tool for all 3D modelers.

The Interface

PocketMQO supports swipes, double taps, and multi-touch gestures to adjust the zoom and move particular 3D objects. For convenience, users can expand the workspace to full screen as well as take a quick screenshot to share it with friends or colleagues. It’s noteworthy that the developers did not stuff this free and useful utility with ads. Therefore, nothing prevents one from focusing on the creative process.

Besides downloading 3D models, users can apply sound presets, animation, and three-dimensional objects’ movement synchronization. The mistakes made in the process are easy to correct, as the user is provided with detailed information on a 3D template, and several modes for editing objects are supported.

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Basic features:

  1. The program is designed to work with three-dimensional graphics.
  2. All the widespread file formats are supported.
  3. It is possible to model lighting, textures, and objects.
  4. The utility is completely free.
  5. The program works in all the current Android versions.

To app download for free, it is enough just to find a good online catalog with apk files. Then app downloads for Android will be fast and safe, and there will be no problems with finding decent utilities.

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