The best games about fishing on PC

Euro Fishing

Fishing for many people has become a particular interest and a proper way to rest in your spare time, meditation and adventure. Today, the world has become a natural field of digital entertainment, so it is a unique occupation that has become a separate genre for video games too.

However, not everyone knows about what is of interest to gamers in fishing simulators. We are sure that this is an opportunity to get into the silence of nature for a while or to experience the thrill of a large fish catch.

The best fishing games for PCs are classified into two big parts. On the one hand, it is an arcade game in which the main component is the dynamics and fascination of the process.

On the other hand, there are realistic simulators that can implement many aspects of real fishing, such as choosing a type of bait for fish or considering weather factors. Each gamer has unique preferences that affect the choice of a game project. Game developers pay attention to all fishing details, so they create realistic and exciting projects.

Russian Fishing 4
Russian Fishing 4

The best fishing games for PC

  • Fishing Planet. This fishing simulator is characterized by realistic detail. The graphical execution of this game will surely surprise you and will make your imagination work. Here, you will see a realistic water surface, detailed fish and beautiful natural landscapes that will give you a meditative atmosphere, among other things. Thanks to this project, you will be able to explore different types of water bodies and catch many kinds of fish, each of which requires a different approach to the fishing process.
  • Russian Fishing 4. This unique project is a realistic simulator. The main feature of this game is its localization, which demonstrates the Russian realities of fishing. Each gamer will be able to use a vast range of fishing accessories, each with a unique purpose. For example, choosing the right equipment and bait, the time of day and weather conditions can become primary and very influential factors in fishing. Here, you will see beautiful game design, as well as curious gameplay and realistic reproduction of fishing processes. Each of these factors makes this interesting project the ideal choice for all fans of actual fishing. If you dream of taking your hobby to the virtual world, then this project is perfect for you.
  • Ultimate Fishing Simulator. In this project, every fisherman will be able to participate in fishing and test the components of recreation and realism. This game will show you a great atmosphere and invite you to travel to different locations, such as picturesque lakes and wide rivers. Each location will show you its unique plants and animals, including fish. Each of these factors makes the fishing process unique.
  • Euro Fishing. This beautiful game will take you around the world of fishing tourism and help you experience the fun of fishing in the most picturesque places in Europe. It has dynamic gameplay with fundamental fishing methods. Also, it will allow all users to travel around this fishing world and explore all aspects of fishing.
  • Fishing: Barents Sea. After you go on a trip to the North Sea, you will become a real professional of sea fishing. Each user can fish and drive the boat simultaneously, monitor the state of fishing equipment, and carry out commercial activities. This simulator will show you the true world of professional fishing and teach you to avoid risks and difficulties. Also, it will give you the pleasure of catching fish.

However, the best fishing games are not just those five leaders. You should pay attention to other exciting simulators, such as Fishing Sim World and Rapala Pro Fishing. We have no doubt that every angler will appreciate these projects. They will show you new locations, unique types of fishing and allow you to become an absolute master in this challenging craft.


Modern computer simulators have components that give users relaxing, realistic and fascinating gameplay. If you are an experienced angler or regular gamer, you will find a great game with which you can have fun, anyway.

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