Dive into the Ancient World of Empires and Kings with Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings is an iconic game that was first released in 2004. This is a grand strategy project that allows each player to feel like a great commander and try to conquer the whole world with a well-thought-out military strategy. The third part of the famous game was released just recently, in 2020, and was able to cause a big stir among its fans.

Crusader Kings 3 is set in a brutal ancient world ruled by might and sword. In this game, whose story stretches through the centuries, players have to become rulers and use fire and swords to collect the lands of their empire.

The more territories you have, the more problems there will be with the economy, population, number of troops, and other things. That is why you need to put in a lot of effort to successfully complete the campaign.

Game Features

Crusader Kings 3 has retained all the main features of the previous parts of the game. But in addition to the new graphics engine and high-quality 3D content, it has some other features, for example:

  1. Players can build their empires in the period between 867 and 1453. The developers set these time frames because of the new era following them and the transition of mankind to the Middle Ages and new development trends. Users can disable the end year in the settings, and the game will last until the dynasty of the king simply ends its existence.
  2. The game has a large map. All events take place on the territory that runs approximately from Spain to Mongolia. In addition, there are Scandinavian countries and even Central Africa in the game. Besides, the map detail has been improved compared to the previous version of the game.

    Crusader Kings 3
  3. Gamers can play as pagan kings, Muslims, or Christians. The game no longer has the ability to run a theocracy or a merchant republic like it used to. The developers also removed the ability to play as nomads from the game.
  4. Now the game has real 3D models of characters instead of simple portraits. Besides, users can upgrade their characters using three different skill trees, as well as choose their lifestyles. All this will affect the effectiveness of the management of the empire.
  5. Players can develop religions, which will make it easier for them to manage people. They can either use the main religions or create their own heresies, that is, modified versions of known religions or their combinations.

Players also have to recruit armies of men-at-arms and levies, as well as turn lucky warriors into knights. The game even has the possibility of starting a love relationship between the protagonist and various ladies, which can influence the development of the dynasty and create different houses to rule the country in the future.

Relationship System

The game has a very interesting system of relationships between the ruler, his vassals, and other characters important to the story. Crusader Kings 3 offers just a huge variety of intrigues, quarrels, and difficulties in dealing with unpleasant people for everyone who likes such things.

If players want to effectively manage the newly occupied territories, they need to establish their power there and give some powers to the vassals. However, after about 7-8 provinces, players will have problems because many of the candidates for positions are unreliable.

They will have to suppress uprisings, evade attacks on themselves, and much more. Moreover, the characters’ lifestyles and love affairs chosen by players can also make dangerous adjustments to the game. Crusader Kings 3 is a great strategy game for everyone who has ever dreamed of collecting lands since now. They can make that wish come true!

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