How to Breed: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide

Breeding can be done during Picnics, unlike previous Pokemon games restricted to Daycare or Nursery. Below are the steps on how to breed in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

How to Breed – Main Steps

To breed Pokemon in Violet and Scarlet, follow these steps:

  1. Choose two Pokemon in the same “Egg Group.”
  2. One must be male, and the other must be female. Alternatively, you can use one Pokemon of any gender and one Ditto.
  3. Put these two Pokemon in your party and start a Picnic.
  4. Wait for some time in real life and then inspect the picnic basket for eggs.
  5. Place the Egg in your party and walk around until it hatches.

If you want to breed powerful Pokemon, try catching a Ditto in a 5 or 6-star Tera Raid Battle. These Dittos have better Individual Values, leading to better stats for their offspring.

Pokemon that are genderless, such as Rotom and Magnemite, or exclusively male, like Tauros and Braviary, are only able to breed with Ditto. Legendary Pokemon and Paradox Pokemon, on the other hand, cannot breed.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Egg Groups

If two Pokemon belong to the same group, like Greavard and Growlithe from the Field Egg Group or Charizard and Noivern from the Dragon Egg Group, they have a higher chance of producing an egg even if they look different. However, there may be some unusual pairs that can still produce an egg.

What’s In the Egg?

When you breed a female Pokemon with a male Pokemon, the Pokemon that hatches will have the same species as the female. However, if you breed a Pokemon with a Ditto, the resulting hatchling will always have the same species as the non-Ditto parent.

The Pokemon that hatches will typically be the first in its evolutionary line, although there may be some rare exceptions. Some Pokemon, like Tauros and Braviary, are exclusively male and can only mate with Ditto.

How to Get Eggs Fast

Eating a sandwich with Egg Power Lv. 2 will help increase the frequency of eggs in the basket. You can check out a list of sandwich recipes, including Great Peanut Butter Sandwiches, which can be unlocked by obtaining 4 Gym Badges. Here’s the recipe:

  1. Butter.
  2. Banana.
  3. Peanut butter.
Make a sandwich

How to Hatch Eggs Fast

Several steps must be taken, and each Pokemon has a different hatching rate. Using Koraidon on Miraidon to run in circles with the control sticks strapped together using a rubber band is the easiest way to accrue steps quickly.

However, there is another method for speeding up the egg-hatching process. Add a Pokemon with Flame Body or Steam Engine ability to your party to reduce the actions needed to hatch eggs in half.

Pokemon with Flame Body or Steam Engine

  1. Rolycoly.
  2. Carkol.
  3. Coalossal.
  4. Fletchinder.
  5. Talonflame.

How to Pass Down Natures (Everstone)

Having the right nature is another crucial aspect of having a powerful Pokemon. If you want a Pokemon’s offspring to have the same nature as its parent, give the parent an Everstone to hold. The offspring will inherit the parent’s nature while holding the Everstone.

When you use a Mint to change a Pokemon’s Nature, its original nature will be passed down during breeding, not the new one. No additional details were added, and no new facts were created. You can also obtain an Everstone from Delibird Presents in Mesagoza.


How to Pass Down Individual Values (Destiny Knot)

Pokemon have hidden stats called Individual Values that can impact their full potential. These values range from 0 (No Good) to the best possible score of 31. Having the best possible stats for most of a Pokemon’s individual values is ideal, but there are certain exceptions. Some Pokemon may perform better with a lower Attack or Speed stat.

If you use a Bottle Cap on a Pokemon, you can increase one of its stats to the maximum value of 31 without having to breed a perfect Pokemon. However, it’s important to note that the offspring won’t inherit these Hyper Trained stats.

The offspring of two Pokemon parents typically inherit only three out of the 12 total individual values (IVs) from each parent, resulting in low odds of getting the desired combination.

To pass on great IVs, you need to do three things:

  1. Beat the Victory Road storyline to unlock the IV Checker and see a Pokemon’s Individual Values.
  2. Capture a Pokemon with a few Best IVs. You can get Pokemon with amazing stats in 6-Star Raids. To unlock 6 Star Raids, follow the steps mentioned in the guide.
  3. Obtain a Destiny Knot, which you can purchase for $20,000 at Delibird Presents in Mesagoza.

How to Breed Shiny Pokemon

The chances of obtaining a Shiny Pokemon through breeding are similar to when trying to catch one. However, an extra approach involves breeding two Pokemon from different language games. Please note that the total battled Pokemon multiplier does not apply to breeding.

Two games need different language settings, and buying two games from different regions won’t work. For instance, changing the language of a game bought in Japan to English won’t count. If you use two Pokemon that come from games in different languages, it will increase your chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon.

Normally, the odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon are 1 in 4,096, but with the Masuda Method, it will improve to 1 in 682. If you have a Shiny Charm, which can be obtained by completing your Pokedex, your chances will be even better at 1 in 512.


How to Pass Down Hidden Abilities

Certain Pokemon have multiple abilities. When encountering one in the wild, it has a 50/50 chance of having a certain ability. Breeding can be used to pass down a specific ability to the offspring. When breeding a Pokemon, there is an 80% likelihood that the offspring will inherit the same Ability as its mother if she has multiple possible Abilities.

Some Pokemon have rare Hidden Abilities that can only be found in the wild by catching a gold-sparkling Tera Pokemon or by participating in a Tera Raid Battle. To pass on a Hidden Ability to a Pokemon offspring, the parent must have the same species and possess the Hidden Ability, and this can only be done with one species.

When breeding, if the mother Pokemon possesses a Hidden Ability, there is a 60% chance that the offspring will inherit it. However, if the parent Pokemon is male or has an unknown gender, the Hidden Ability can only be passed down if the other parent is a Ditto.

How to Pass Down the Same Poke Ball

Take note of the Poke Ball used to capture the female Pokemon as it determines the Poke Ball the offspring will hatch in. When breeding two Pokemon of the same species, there is an equal probability of the baby being born in either of their Poke Balls. But, if breeding with a Ditto, the offspring will inherit the Poke Ball used by the non-Ditto parent.

Using a female Pokemon caught in a Luxury Ball during breeding is recommended to boost the friendship level of Pokemon that require it to evolve.


How to Pass On Egg Moves

After a Pokemon hatches, it will start at level 1 and might already know moves typically learned at higher levels. Breeding can teach three categories of attacks. If a father Pokemon knows a move from a Technical Machine (TM), the baby Pokemon can learn that move, too, if it’s already capable of learning it.

Also, if both parents know a move that can only be learned at higher levels, the baby Pokemon can learn it, too, with a few exceptions. Certain moves can only be learned through breeding, called Egg Moves. Now, it’s easier to share Egg Moves between Pokemon Violet and Scarlet. For instance, you can pass Belly Drum to Azumarill.

Please make one of Azumarill’s moves blank. Purchase a Mirror Herb from Cascarrafa Delibird Presents for $30,000, then give it to Azumarill for holding. You can catch Makuhita or Hariyama and teach them Belly Drum, which they learn at Levels 25 and 26, respectively.

There is an Lv. 25 Makuhita in the West Province that you can catch. To teach Belly Drum to Azumarill, you must remove all other Pokemon from your party. Once you have done this, have a quick picnic, and Azumarill will learn to Belly Drum.

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