Need for Speed: Most Wanted – An Iconic NFS Game that Has Become a Hit Among Racing Fans

In any gaming genre, there are games that almost everyone knows and likes. In the virtual world of racing without rules, such a game, without any doubt, is Need for Speed: Most Wanted! Of course, it was preceded by two equally cool Underground titles, but Most Wanted managed to combine the excitement and emotion of earlier games and modern advanced graphics.

Players never get tired of these races. They can play for several hours a day and still not want to take their eyes off the screen. The game was released in 2005 by the legendary video game company Electronic Arts.

It took the developers about two years to create NFS, which later fully met the expectations of fans. The game has bright graphics, cool cars, great tuning options, an interesting plot, and amazing soundtracks.


The events of the Most Wanted World take place in the fall, so the graphics have the appropriate colors: beautiful, although a little depressing. The sunglow and rain effects are nicely done and make you feel like everything that is happening on the screen is real. It is essential to note that the use of the EAGL4 engine for the project allowed the developers to optimize the game as much as possible, even for weak PCs.

The plot of the game revolves around street racing. Its main character is a loner who wants to be the leader of illegal competitions. But to get to the top, he must first beat the opponents closest to him in rank. There are a total of 15 top-level racers in the game to defeat.

First, players need to participate in street races, earn money and experience, and gradually unlock new bosses. Each time one of the 15 racers is defeated, the players take their car to their garage. These cars are of high priority and help players easily win all subsequent street races.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Car Tuning

The developers experimented a lot with the tuning possibilities in different versions of the NFS and decided to combine the best experience of the previous parts in Most Wanted. The possibilities for improving cars in the game are presented at the highest level: players can modify bodies and lights, use cool spoilers and stickers, equip cars with neon lights, and much more.

The game offers all the same features as the classic Underground versions, which will definitely appeal to tuning enthusiasts. On the map of the city of Rockport, users can find places for repair and tuning, shops with advanced spare parts, and garages where they can relax and choose another car.

There are also police in the city, ready to start a furious pursuit at any moment. At first, only one police car chases the player, but it is quickly joined by a platoon of policemen and even helicopters.

Game Modes

Throughout the game, players must compete against 15 dangerous street racers, gradually making their way to the most successful of them. If you want to open another career battle, you need to race and avoid police chases. This will allow you to earn experience and money and use them to challenge increasingly dangerous opponents.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Mode – “Chase”
Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Mode – “Chase”

The game also features a Challenge Series mode. This option will appeal to everyone who likes challenging tasks accompanied by dangerous police chases. Gamers can also play the classic fast race by choosing any track, car, and difficulty level of the opponents they want. It is important to note that in this part of the game, there is no drift, beloved by many users.


If you like racing without rules, then Need for Speed: Most Wanted is definitely for you. This is one of the finest games in the NFS series that is still popular and has millions of fans around the world. Exciting races, dangerous police chases, cool sports cars, and good optimization: all this makes the game unique and completely unmatched!

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